Toyota Undertakes New Projects Focusing on Safety

Earlier this month, Toyota announced that its Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC) would be launching four new research project focused on producing more efficient safety tactics and technologies across the entire automotive industry. The CSRC was originally launched in January 2011 with a starting investment of $50 million by the company. The technologies developed are used by Toyota and shared with a variety of different companies and institutions.

Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center Projects At a Glance

- Abdominal Injury Study: In conjunction with Virginia Tech, Toyota aims to prove that there's a distinct connection between abdominal injuries received in a collision and the age of the occupant.
- Whole Body THUMS Validation: For this project, the Japanese automaker will team up with the University of Virginia to enlarge the current THUMS modeling structure to record the effects of a collision on the entire body, instead of solely focusing on specific areas.
- Task Analytic and Time Series Analysis of Driver Behavior: With the aid of the University of Iowa, Toyota will study the behavior of drivers' feet throughout the first 30 seconds of driving.
- THOR Dummy FE Model Creation: The Japanese automaker will partner with both George Washington University and Virginia Tech to improve and advance the NHTSA's THOR-NT crash-test dummy to offer more precise safety testing in the following years.

Toyota has always been dedicated to keeping drivers safe, and R&H Toyota, located at 9801 Reisterstown Road Owings Mills, MD 21117, is excited about all of these projects and the fantastic innovative safety technologies Toyota vehicles will receive in the future.

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